MBC Cairo deploys M2Touch Online

Dubai-based broadcaster MBC Group recently installed Molden Media’s 103” touch screens at its Cairo facility with integrated M2Touch and M2Touch gateway software. The Cairo facility was integrated by systems integrator Media Group International.

MBC’s Head of Graphics Fadi Radi explained that the M2Touch platform was already fairly popular in the network owing to their successful installation at Al Arabiya.

“We have had an M2Touch system with two 103” screens at our sister station, Al Arabiya in Dubai, for nearly a year, and it has completely changed our workflow,” said Radi.

“Before we implemented the M2Touch systems, presenters were displayed with bulky lower thirds and little floating graphics over their shoulder. Now presenters can control their graphics and other content directly via the touch screen, which greatly enhances the flow of the presentation.”

The touch screens are part of the presenters’ daily news programming. The M2Touch Gateway translates the presenters’ touch commands into MBC’s Vizrt graphics systems, where M2Touch plug-ins are employed to create eye-catching interactive graphics. Scenes are created and updated in real time, without advance scripting or programming. Presenters in Cairo will also use Molden’s M2Pad to interface between and iPad and the touch screen.

“Particularly with the recent events in Cairo, the flexibility of the M2Touch system enables us to perform frequent updates to the maps and keep our viewers informed about what’s going on on the ground. The M2Touch technology powers our entire multi-touch workflow, from creation to interaction. It has been immensely successful in Dubai, and now we can employ this same streamlined workflow in Cairo.”

Molden Media’s CEO and Founder, Thomas Molden added: “Implementing a multi-touch graphics workflow like M2Touch is a complex undertaking, but MBC has embraced the technology and created some truly impressive graphics presentations with it. We are delighted that the broadcaster has once again chosen M2Touch for another of their flagship facilities.”