Molden Media GmbH was founded on 17th June 2001. We offer turnkey solutions for real-time broadcast graphics, design creation, project conception, project implementation and integration nationally and internationally. Our solutions are built to exceed the individual requirements of our customers in close co-operation with leading and innovative technology providers and manufacturers. Partnering with our clients and meeting their objectives is our priority.
Each project, big or small, is taken care of with the same accuracy and professionalism. We want to be valued and welcomed by each of our customers and considered the best at what we do.


Thomas Molden is the founder and managing director of Molden Media GmbH. He started his career in the media industry as a product specialist for Softimage at VGA GmbH. Next he had European responsibilities for real-time graphics and virtual studio products at Discreet Logic Germany. As co-founder, principal and technical director of Peak Systems GmbH he specialized in integrating the products of Peak Technologies GmbH at broadcasters around the world. In 1999 he planned and integrated the real-time graphics department for N24 at the SZM Munich (broadcast centre for Pro7, SAT.1, K1) and supervised the relocation of the channel to Berlin.

Bjoern Gumpert is a shareholder and managing director of Molden Media GmbH. He began his career with IMP where he took over the management of the TV stations graphic department (RAN -, “Sportschau”, Graphic- mobile). Later he worked on live production of the Champions League and Soccer World Championship. Bjoern was responsible as director and for the technical part of a large number live-productions. As a result he brings vast experience regarding the practical challenges of television production. 2003 he started working with Molden GmbH where he was first responsible for the “Transmission Control” at Pro7, SAT.1 and “Kabel eins” within the “ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion GmbH” and later for all projects in the Middle East.



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Molden Media GmbH

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The most common examples of how Molden Media collects your personal data are:

When you register a Molden Media product or service, we collect your name, address, and other contact data, as well as the product name or model name, product site, etc.
When you request help from our customer service department, we record your name, contact data, the purchased product, product site, technical problem concerned, advice provided, etc.
When you purchase a product from us or have a purchasing question, we record your name, contact data, the products you have purchased or wish to purchase, and your questions.
When you use our website and our online content, make a purchase online or use the download areas, if necessary we create an account for you with your contact data, product data, payment preferences and delivery preferences. In some cases it is necessary to make a credit check if you wish to purchase a product or service.

Data collected online may also be combined with data you have made available to Molden Media at other times, such as during the purchasing process, product registrations, calls to Molden Media, or at public events such as exhibitions and fairs. The personal data received by Molden Media in such cases is compared with existing data in databases and stored in order to simplify our customer data management system.
The personal data that we collect may be stored in various databases. Molden Media strives to respect the various preferences you have expressed at various times in order to process your data appropriately. If you ever receive incorrect data for whatever reason, please contact Molden Media in order to correct the situation.

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Restricting access to personal data. Only employees who need to know the data in order to offer you products and services are allowed access.
Using physical, electronic and process-based security mechanisms conforming to regulations in order to protect your personal data.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for the collection and transmission of sensitive data, such as credit card details.

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If you wish to be deleted from an e-mail distribution list (such as for a newsletter), please use the Unsubscribe link and/or follow the instructions that are (normally) included in the footer of the e-mail message, or contact Molden Media at the address mentioned under point 9 by fax, telephone or post.

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