It is time to spread the wisdom. We are launching the Molden Media Academy the place where you can learn everything you need to know to create your broadcast graphics package. From basic tickers to data driven graphics, from branding to in-studio installations, we offer a wide variety of topics and levels of difficulty, allowing you to build your expertise at a healthy and productive pace. Although each class centers on a specific product, the goal is to look at the entire graphics production pipeline and create a workflow that best suits your specific requirements. Below you will find our list of classes and detailed information on the content of each class, as well as the prior experience one should have in order to get the most out the training. If you are uncertain about what class would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.



Naturally, we can also give custom trainings, which are geared specifically at your workflow and broadcast infrastructure. After an in-depth analysis of the situation at your facilities, we can bring you and your staff up to speed. If required, we can also remodel your workflow for increased efficiency and show you some tricks and workarounds to perfect your graphics creation. If you are interested in a custom training, please contact us directly.