Showing Augmented Reality and at NAB 2017

Our theme at NAB 2017 was transcending the traditional TV experience. Together with Trackmen and designs by Reality Check, we showed a complete Augmented Reality pipeline. We contributed our graphics playout and control solution M2Control.

Additionally, we displayed our full integration with real-time graphics content creation software Ventuz and M2Control. Ventuz is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to other software suites, and in preparation of an upcoming project, we have created an environment where M2Control and Ventuz can be operated side by side seamlessly.

Last but not least, we welcomed on our booth for which we serve as official sales and development partner. offers a cloud-based workflow for real-time overlay graphics for online TV and streaming, thereby catering to the growing trend of TV consumption shifting to web enabled devices. has just entered an open beta phase and is already in use at social media installations and digital signage projects all over the world. On the booth, visitors were able to see an integration of M2Control managing interactive graphics.