Ahead of NAB 2017 Singular announced the release of Singular.Live, a cloud-based platform for OTT that allows content producers to easily design, build, control and publish interactive graphics on top of live video feeds for delivery to a range of connected devices.

Singular.Live is built on common web standards and an open architecture to streamline the production and delivery of compelling live content to most web-enabled devices – from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and smart TVs. It enables broadcasters, live production professionals and streaming enthusiasts to deliver customized graphics for each viewer from language localization to targeted ads, interactivity and more.

The silos of TV, web, mobile, and social networks are merging, and video content will evolve accordingly. Content producers will strive to better know their viewers, personalize the content they deliver to them, and engage viewers in different ways with the content. Viewers want to have more control over the live content they see. How cool will it be if a Real Madrid fan will get a different coverage of a live game than the Barcelona fan? What if just by clicking on an icon on the video all the tennis match stats appear?

Singular.Live feature highlights include:

– Seamless insertion of real-time, broadcast-quality graphics into live streams
– Robust data integration for driving advanced data visualizations
– Intuitive controls for managing real-time graphics production across live streams
– Scalable cloud-based infrastructure
– Video player, control app and widget SDKs, as well as an external control API for easy integration with third-party platforms
– Ability to play real-time graphics on consumer devices or embed them into video via Singular composition service Singular|Flow, which the company will preview at NAB alongside its Singular|Studio graphics control service
– Support for LiveU, with additional streaming platforms to follow

“The future of live content is not only personalized, but also interactive, and Singular.Live is leading the way. By leveraging the power of the cloud, it allows content producers to deliver dynamic, targeted content to engage viewers in ways never before possible,” shared David Zerah, CEO, Singular. “It will also allow data providers to create amazing new widgets and data visualizations that they can offer to their customers. Singular.Live debuted as a technology preview at NAB last year to much enthusiasm and after an intensive year of R&D, we’re excited to roll it out to content producers around the world at NAB 2017.”

As Singular evolves the platform, the company is looking to partner with data integrators, and complementary platforms and services.

Pricing and Availability

Singular.Live is available today as a standalone platform for broadcasters and live production and streaming professionals, as well as an OEM solution. Pricing varies based on the number of users, usage time and data requirements. For more information, visit www.singular.live.

Content Mosaic

Interactive mosaic view giving the user options to chose from and pick his channels in every channel box